Gamify your way to recovery combining A.I. & human support.



Haven is a UX personal project exploring an alternative self-help with a gaming solution. Combining both a human supporter's empathy and A.I's efficiency in resolving how to cope a user's depression.

A self-help conversational game, where users interact with Mochi, an A.I character, where she understands what you tell her and react accordingly. The catch is, Mochi's life is in the user's hand. 


Brief & Research

Performance indicator

Did I eliminate pain points for both the distress individuals 
and supporters’ needs and user experience?

Was I able to encourage both users to come back to the app 
and motivate distress individuals to be more active in their 
physical surroundings?

Brief & Research

Early Indicator

 ✳︎ A.I. can be the best listener.
 ✳︎ User enthusiasm can be earned by achievement.
 ✳︎ Users are willing to share their secrets to A.I.
 ✳︎ A.I. can learn to become more human.

☞ More research available on the deck


Mochi is
there for

Do you have distressing issues you want to talk about but worry that you are disturbing others and taking up their time?

Start a conversation with Mochi, who is always readily available to talk when you need it the most. Mochi is an adorable little A.I.

She is determined to learn quickly to give the best suggestions, especially when a situation becomes urgent.

She has 11 expressions to bring her to life, ranging from playful to mortified depending on the distressed individual’s responses.

Two Types of Users


Distress individual



Users can seek or help distressed individuals.
Each flow is unique to help the user's objective


Product Features

Respond after 90 seconds

Mochi’s quick response to distressed individuals is very important in creating a humanistic illusion.

This will avoid the possibilities of distressed individuals telling the difference between supporters and Mochi.

Product Features


Haven requires all users’ commitment to keep it alive and well. Users fulfill the requirement by talking in the app within next 24 hour period after their last chat.

If a user misses their 24 hour window, Haven will not be available to be in use.


Product Features

90 questions
to qualify

Supporters need to be qualified to prevent haters and trolls from entering. The questionnaire is purposely long to filter for quality supporters and test their patience in helping with distressed individuals.

Product Features

Challenged to greatness

Every 5 levels, challenges are given to distress indivduals. There are 25 challenges in total and are marked as completed when the user provides proof of completion within 24 hours.

Each challenge will progressively become more difficult as the distress individuals become more confident.


If I knew then
what I knew now

After completing the project, I would include a voice call function and more primary research. A.I. technology has becoming increasingly smarter to be able to mimic a human voice and have the supporters be able to cover their voice with a default voiceover.

Talking with another individual does help distressed individuals feel more comfortable by practicing conversation.

I would include more primary research by interviewing individuals who have worked in these scenarios like crisis workers and psychologists.

Learning to adapt in real situations for both kinds of users can help determine what makes a qualified supporter for a true effective solution.

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